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Jindagi jina bhool gaye the! This workshop was 100% . I would like to recommend this program to all my team members and would request to have such programs conducted on a regular basis.

- Vijay Paring, Sales Manager,
East Africa Motors

This is perhaps the best training program that I have ever attended till date and looking forward for many more such programs to be arranged in the future. This workshop has been very different compared to the normal class-room training. I would like to thank COI team for such a great training program.

- Jayantibhai Patel, Manager,
Shivam Sales

The workshop was a perfect combination of Adventure and Management training exposure and past 2 days were one of the most memorable days of my life and COI have certainly gone beyond my expectations.

- Digant Patel, Showroom In-charge,
Atul Automotives

I am confident that my approach toward handling my clients after attending this workshop will certainly change in future. This workshop was complete in all senses and excellent to the core. My key learnings are convincing and good communication skills. I would recommend this program to all the people at all the dealerships in Gujarat.

- Mayank Mehta, Service Manager,
East Africa Motors

This workshop was not only good but was ROCKING. I learnt so many things in the past 2 days that I cant even count them; Team work, Initiative taking, Leadership, Time Management, Selling Skills etc. Such workshops should be held every 4 5 months.

- Raxit Rana, Team Leader,
President Motors

Thank you so much for conducting such a wonderful workshop for Anukool Aircon Pvt. Ltd. This was the first time we conducted such sort of a workshop for Anukool Staff and we literally had a blast.

It was simply learning through fun. We sincerely appreciate your efforts to put up an activity just as the way we desired. We were aiming at developing qualities like Team Building, Leadership, Motivation and Goal accomplishment amongst the group. We genuinely appreciate the beginning of the session as you asked each one of us about our expectations and managed to fulfill the same.

Your ability to hold command over the group, style of presentation, methodology of the session kept all of us on our toes and just couldn't help but be attentive throughout... :) A special thanks to your entire team who equally participated in the event whole heartedly. Their energy levels pepped up the morale of the group thus making the activities more enjoyable.

And last but not the least a very special thanks to you for chipping some last minute changes requests from our end.

- Sameer Ayyar, Operations Head,
Anukool Aircon Pvt. Ltd.

This workshop has helped me tremendously to get rid of my fear factor I always thought that I would not be able to do such kind of activities but the moral support and constant motivation given by the COI team has helped me overcome my fears and apprehensions.

- Rohit Pandya, Sales Manager,
Mega Auto Pvt. Ltd.

Impossible is just an opinion, what should be the quality of a leader. The most adventurous, thrilling and motivating workshop I have ever attended till date. I would recommend more such workshops in future to be arranged for all of us.

- Stanley Philip, Sales Manager,
Silvassa Agencies

This workshop has crossed all its boundaries in terms of expectations. In the past 2 days I have done so many activities that I had not even dreamt about. I always used to see these kind of activities on the TV and wondered how difficult they would be, but when I did it I realized that Nothing is Impossible. This program has helped me in boosting my self-confidence and motivation levels to a great extent.

- Mangesh Chavan, Sales Manager,
Caravel Motors

It was a very wonderful & a great learning experience and all of us enjoyed it throughout and thoroughly. I learnt how to move along with the team, which team member needs what level of motivation to get the job done & perfect communication can do wonders. My key learning will certainly help me improve my leadership to the next level.

- Vishwajeet Jadeja, General Manager,
President Motors